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Price: $225.00

Simple to Use and Reliable

  • Push Button access: Enter your 6 digit code and turn the safe handle.

  • Spin Dial Access: Dial your 3 wheel combination, and turn the safe handle.  That’s it.

  • Easy keypad programming allows for code changes, additions, and deletions.

  • Enable and Disable function also available.

  • EntryPad is BackLit for easy code entry lighting -even in the dark.

  • SpinDial lighting is activated upon combination entry

  • SafeLogic Xtreme features Instant AutoLock feature which assures your safe is locked and secure, the moment you close the door.

  • Every SecuRam lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility.

  • Unprecedented commitment to quality and reliability.


  • 2 Codes: Manager Code and User Code PLUS SpinDial Combination

  • EntryPad is BackLit. Press any button and the Backlighting activates.

  • SpinDial light activates as dial is rotated.

  • Instant AutoLock feature

  • 10,000+ openings on a 9 Volt battery

  • Smartphone connectivity version 1500-2000 openings on a 9V battery

  • 5 minute Penalty LockOut upon entry of 4 incorrect codes

  • Rugged Stainless Steel EntryPad Housing

  • Standard footprint and mounting pattern, easy retrofit for any mechanical or electronic safe lock


Weight3 lbs


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