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Hayman: EV-5930 Everglades Gunsafe 60 min


Price: $2,190.00 $1,685.00

You Save: $505.00

587 Lbs.

Cubic Capacity: 14.2
Exterior Dimensions: 59"H X 30"W X 24"D
Interior Dimensions: 55"H X 26 1/4"W X 17"D

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  • Fabric lined interior.
  • Heavy duty boltwork (10 – 1/4″ diameter).
  • Securam or Lagard Basic digital electronic lock standard.
  • Large 5 spoke handle.
  • Heavy Duty adjustable hinges.
  • Door organizer for additional storage.
  • Recessed mount holes in bottom of unit.
  • 22 long gun capacity.


  • Body & door constructed from 12-guage steel exterior.
  • Over 3/4 inch (.84) of steel between door and lock, including hardplate.
  • Body has a total of 2 pieces of 1/2 inch fire board for a total of 1 inch of fire board.
  • Door has a total of 3 pieces of 1/2 inch fire board for a total of 11/2 inches of fire board.
  • Door has fire-activated expanding door seal located on the door-frame on all four sides.
  • Door bolts are 11/4 inches in diameter and are located on all 4 sides of the door.
  • A total of 2 mounting holes sized 7/16 inch in diameter are located in the center of the safe’s depth on the right and left sides.
  • Dehumidifier access hole is 7/16 inch in diameter and located on the lower right hand corner of the back wall. Note that the fire board is not pre-drilled.
  • The interior of the safe, the shelves, and the door back cover are all upholstered.
  • Interior shelving are upholstered wood.
  • Safe is U.L. listed as a RSC labelled safe.
  • Safe has a manufacturer’s certified fire rating of 1 hour at 1200 degrees.
Weight587 lbs
Dimensions32 W x 26 L x 64 H in


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