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Hayman: MV EX-4020E MagnaVault EX


Price: Original price was: $4,640.00.Current price is: $3,545.00.

You Save: $1095.00

810 lbs

Cubic Capacity: 9.26
Exterior Dimensions: 45 1/4"H X 25 1/2"W X 27 1/2"D
Interior Dimensions: 40"HX 20"W X 20"D

Lock Options *

None Jewerly Cabinet( 4 Drawer Wood Cabinet) +$715.00
None 3 Draw Jewelry Box +$225.00 3 Draw Jewelry Box x 2 +$400.00

Humidity Control Options *

None EvaDry 333 +$21.99 EvaDry 500 +$29.99 E-150 +$9.95

Safe Stand *

None Safe Stand (50"H) Can vary height for no additional charge +$245.00

Hayman: MV EX-4020E MagnaVault EX


  • (3) Tempered Glass Adjustable Shelves
  • A variety of sizes to fit your space and budget needs.
  • An attractive solid steel, chrome plated handle provides quality operation.
  • Fire Insurance Laboratories tested for 105 minutes at 1275 degrees, maintaining an internal temperature under 350 degrees.
  • Body is six sided 2 inch thick composite construction with one recessed mount hole.
  • 1-1/8 inch diameter chrome plated locking bolts.
  • Up to five 1/4 inch hardplates mounted at angles inside the door and body to provide maximum drill attack prevention.
  • Relocking devices connected to glass plate will protect the safe from attacks on the lock.
  • A reinforced solid continuous dead bolt locks on the hinge side of the door ensuring security even if the hinges are cut off.
  • Intumescent door seal that swells at high temperatures to seal the door from fire and smoke.
  • Textured gray, black & white paint finish
  • Large, heavy duty ball-bearing hinges for smooth operation and long lasting quality.
  • Standard lock is a SecuRam Digital Electronic Lock with TopLit keypad.
  • UL Group 2 S&G Dial Combination Lock can be installed for an additional charge.
  • Warranty: One Year for Mechanical Parts.  Lifetime for Structural Body.

Weight 810 lbs
Dimensions 37 W x 39 L x 50 H in


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