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Kaba MAs 252 Swingbolt Electronic Lock

Price: $375.00

Full Lock Set

Kaba Mas 252 swingbolt lock with round keypad. This U.L. Type 1 rated safe lock easily replaces traditional mechanical Group I and Group II locks. The Auditcon Model 252 is perfect for security applications where shared access and audit capability are necessary. Features and benefits at a glance: Up to 20 users, numerical keypad quick entry, wrong try lock out; the lock will not allow access to any user for a period of 3 minutes after 5 incorrect combinations are entered. Any additional consecutive failed entry attempts result in another 3 minute lockout. 8 digit access, Users have an 8 digit combination which includes a 2 digit user ID and a 6 digit user selected PIN. Audit trail, number of entries/activities is 100 records in sequential order. Available PC software, print, display or file the lock audit reports using a program which runs under Microsoft Windows® Software, program lock setup option, add/delete users, and user table download reports. Supervisor/Subordinate mode allows access by a subordinate only after being enabled by a supervisory combination. Once enabled, a subordinate user has access to the lock during any valid opening time. Dual custody, two person integrity, which requires two users to open the lock. Alarm Interface, (MAS301040 required) activates the lock’s duress condition, sending a silent alarm, when combined with a connection to an existing alarm system. Time delay mode programmable 1-99 minutes before access is allowed. Remote time delay display unit (MAS307025) can be purchased separately.

Weight 3 lbs


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